Testing Services

TEi-Testing Services, LLC (TEi-TSSM) family of laboratories provides many types of specialty testing services to a broad range of international standards or to client-developed requirements. We have a group of talented and qualified personnel, as well as a large inventory of modern test equipment. We have a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) on our staff, who reviews all testing performed. Our laboratories apply the quality principles and practices of ISO/IEC 17025, “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”.




In our Analytical Laboratory, we conduct many types of organic, inorganic, and bacterial analysis, including:

  • Water samples for chlorine, silica, hardness, magnesium, iron, manganese, total dissolved solids, pH, alkalinity, and bacteria.
  • Soil samples for soluble sulfates, chlorides, pH, resistivity and conductivity, and % organic content.
  • Dry canned food products for moisture content, oxygen content, and seal integrity.
  • Verification testing of food products advertised as “gluten free”.
  • Many other similar types of tests! Contact us to discuss your specific needs!

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In our Electrical Laboratory, we conduct electrical, optical, and photometric testing to ASTM, SAE, ISO, UL, and other similar standards.

In our Plumbing Laboratory, we conduct analytical, performance, physical properties, and endurance testing on appliances, fittings, fixtures and pipes to ASME, ASSE, CEC, IAPMO, MSS, NSF, UL and other standards.

In our Mechanical Laboratory, we conduct physical properties, performance, and endurance testing to ASME, ASTM, CMVSS, FMVSS, ICI, SAE, and other standards.  We also conduct gas appliance testing to ANSI, AGA, CGA, and other standards.

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In our Stone & Tile Laboratory, we conduct testing on natural and synthetic stones and ceramic tile to ASTM, ICI, and other standards. Our most popular stone testing service is our “Basic 5”, which is:

  • ASTM C97 (Absorption and specific gravity)
  • ASTM C99 (Modulus of rupture)
  • ASTM C170 (Compressive strength)
  • ASTM C241 (Abrasion resistance)
  • ASTM C880 (Flexural strength)

While the above test methods are the most popular, we have the capability and the experience to do many other tests for stone and tile of all materials, dimensions, and applications! Download our price list and Request for Testing form to see the many different tests we can help you with!