Testing Engineers International, Inc. (TEiSM) is a family of companies that provides a large variety of services related to product and process testing and standards compliance. Founded in 1948 as Terralab Engineers, we originally specialized in doing analytical testing of soil samples for farmers growing produce for Campbell’s soup products. TEi has evolved through the years, growing in expertise as well as the scope of services offered. In 2002, we moved into our current headquarters, a 16,300 square-foot facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We pride ourselves in being the most friendly business in the industry. Our motto is, “The business of business is relationships”, and we live that by working hard to satisfy each of our customers on a personal and professional level. Because we’re a smaller family-owned business, our activities are unencumbered by corporate politics or governmental red tape. We pass those benefits on to our customers in the form of faster and more affordable service!

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